Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Gifts of Late Summer

The August Blue Moon was magnificent. It announce the beginning of Late Summer. In Chinese five element theory this time is aligned with Earth, harvest, abundance, nourishment and the fundamental balance required for stability. It represents the quality of the Mother, the nurturing provider. In the Koran the name of the Beloved known as – Ar-Razzāq – the Provider, which has been one of the chants I use in my daily practice. I learnt about this system at the TAI SOPHIA INSTITUTE in Columbia MD. I recently found this great introduction to the concepts of this system on the website of accupuctrist Marcy Goldstein, M.D., A.P.
The Five Elements The Chinese then took their observations a step further. They noted five cycles of the seasons: spring, summer, late summer, fall and winter. These are the five major changes in the quality and function of the energy throughout the year. We readily see that spring is the season of birth and growth. Summer with it's warmth encourages fullness and maturity. Late summer is the time for harvest when we reap what we have sown. Fall is the time when plants discard their leaves and fruits in preparation for the following year. Winter is the time of withdrawal, with slow life activity and a time for rest. This is again the balance from Yin to Yang and back to Yin again. From stillness to activity and back to stillness again, from death to birth to growth and back to death again. All done in an orderly fashion as it moves through the five stages of the seasons. The Chinese called these five steps of the creative energy the five elements. Thus wood, fire, earth, metal and water was around them. Table 1 summarizes aspects of the five elements. see All elements are of equal importance. We can see how each element conveys the appropriate qualities. The wood is the spring expressing itself in birth and growth and in hope of future harvest. We can see in each of us our birth, growth, hopes for the future and the ability to give birth to ideas and projects. In summer the energy expresses itself in a special way that they called fire. In Summer warmth is from the sun and in people the inner warmth is joy, love and compassion. The quality of the earth phase, late summer, is that of the mother — mother earth, a caring and loving provider. The fall is a metal time of year when the trees let go of their leaves when their work is done for the year. Humans feel a need within to discard what is done and await the new work in the spring. Metal is the internal element responsible for receiving the pure Chi from the heavens and for the removal of wastes and poisons from the body. The qualities of the water element can be seen in the winter. This element is responsible for the collection and storage of fluids. As the rains fall and water runs down the mountainsides and are channeled into rivers and reservoirs to provide us with water throughout the following year, so does the water element provide our bodies with all the necessary fluids and secretions. Organ Functions Briefly, each of the five elements expresses itself in everything, but certain aspects of the elements are particularly useful in giving very direct information to the acupuncturist about the state of the element. These are the emotions, the sound of the voice, the color of the face and the odor of the body. To illustrate these points we look to the specific meridians and the organ functions to evaluate the balance in each element. Two of the twelve meridians are under the dominion of the wood energy. The two wood organs are the liver and gall bladder. Wood also controls the eyes and vision and the state of our nails, ligaments and tendons. Emotionally, wood controls anger. They compare the controlling function of an element to a Minister of the State. Each meridian is under the control of a special Minister. Thus, the Ministers for the wood element meridians are the Official of Planning (liver) and the Official of Decision Making and Judgement (gall bladder). The sound of the wood voice is shouting, the color of the face is green and the odor of the body is rancid. Four of the twelve meridians are under the dominion of the fire element. The two fire organs are the heart and small intestine. The two functions in the fire are circulation/sex and three heater. As Ministers of the State, the heart is the Emperor or Supreme Controller and the small intestine in control of separating the pure from the impure. Circulation/sex Official as Prime Minister/Heart Protector and Controller of circulation and internal sexual hormone secretion, and the triple heater controls body temperature. The emotion associated with the fire is joy and if the fire element is in balance, there is a normal amount of love, joy and happiness. If out of balance, there would be a lack of joy or inappropriate joy. The two organs in the earth element are stomach and spleen. The ministerial function of the stomach is the Official responsible for rottening and ripening of the food (digestion) and the spleen is the controller of transport. The emotion associated with the earth is sympathy, the color of the face yellow, the sound of the voice singing and the odor of the body fragrant. The two organs in the metal element are lungs and the large intestine. The ministerial function of the lungs is the receiver of the pure Chi from the heavens and the large intestine is responsible for drainage and the dregs. The emotion associated with metal is grief/sadness, the color of the face white, the sound of the voice weeping and the odor of the body putrid. The organs in the water element are bladder and kidney. The ministerial function of the bladder is the controller of the storage of water and the kidney the controller of water. The emotion associated with the water is fear, the color of the face blue, the sound of the voice groaning and the odor of the body putrid. For the table and the rest of the article go to

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Pain of Turning 5o - Get Free Pain Relief

Hello my dears,

Been a while since I made an entry to this blog, how the moths fly by ; >)
Many of you know I turned 50 this year, ever since, I've been hearing from people "It's because you're fifty!" about everything from a grumpy mood to belly fat and aching knees. I'm bemused that a date (my birthday) can become a diagnostic tool. It takes some tapping on my part to resist manifesting those beliefs in my middle aged body.
"Even though everyone says ................. is because I'm fifty, what if that doesn't have to be that way for me?"
"Even though everyone says I can't loose weight because I turned fifty, I love and accept myself wholly and completely, and I am willing to consider that belief about my body is not true."
"Even though I seem to have aged overnight, I am willing to let go of the belief that I look like sh** and love and accept myself wholly and completely anyway in all my middle aged glory."
Up until now the focus of my EFT practise has be emotional and spiritual work and I have to admit I tend to forget that EFT and Tapping are wonderful for physical ailments. Although, I am determined to challenge the cultural sacred cows about aging I am finding aches appearing in my knees, shoulders and a few other places. Getting the details about this conference on Pain Relief
has helped me remember to tap for the pain in my left knee and my stiff lower back. What a relief, I feel much better now :-) All I have to do is remember to do it on a regular basis.
In my EFT workshops I have found tapping a couple of rounds will reduce the pain and discomfort of 70-80% of the class. Often by the end of the class up to 90% report a reductions in symptoms. I have a couple of clients with MS who have found tapping has helped to improve the quality of their day to day lives. There is research that found it even offered relief to people with arthritis and fibromylgia, but for some reason many of the people in the study were unwilling to continue to use it over time. I wonder how it would be if every time we thought about taking a pill we tapped instead?
If you suffer from any type of physical pain you need to learn about a f.r.e.e online event that is coming up that can have dramatic results in helping you eliminate your pain.
Back pain, neck pain, fibromylgia, joint pain, knee pain, muscle pain, whatever it is this event can help.
To learn more about it and see a video preview of how it can help you today check out the video below:
The event is called the Pain Relief World Summit and it’s being run by the same amazing people that ran the Tapping World Summit which was attended by over 350,000 people online.
If you want to get some serious pain relief you absolutely must attend this event!
The initial classes are free and then they offer recordings and stuff that they charge for of course. Some of my favorite EFT Teachers are doing classes.
Check it out and sign up by going here:
Here are some of the results that people saw from tapping along with just one audio on pain relief during the Tapping World Summit (This entire event is ALL on pain relief!):

"We had great success with last nights tapping. While my husband, Larry, was tapping he had a lot pain in his right knee. It went away after tapping, but then his left knee started burning.
So, we paused the audio and kept tapping, one more time and guess what? That pain left too!! He realized that all of these years he had been holding his tension in his lower legs! Then we realized that, that is where his family (Mom & Dad) always ALWAYS complained of pain.
They ran a restaurant and always blamed the hours they stood on concrete for everything. We realized that this is where Larry probably picked up the same complaint. Anyway, what an eye opener!! We LOVE this tapping and are already sharing it with our friends. Thanks again!"- Judy Gardner
"I had my mother sit down and listen in. I meet with her twice a week now, she is off all pain pills and moving around like she in her thirty’
We actually tapped to that song “Don’t worry be happy” the other night. I just want to thank you so much for bringing this information to all of us. Have a great day!" -Moe:)
"I am a 50 yrs old, single and working mom, boys and a girl grown up now; Last year, I often wasn’t able to get upstairs into my bedroom, sometimes i crawled, pulling myself up the stairs. crying, praying- stubborn me. I tried to dig my car out after snowfall with a hand shovel- that's all I could lift.
Car rides further than 15 min hurting soo much. Iwas reading, learning, applying all to become well again. I stumbled somehow across you and the tapping summit. I have learned so much!
Seriously, I am pain free- not taking any meds (and its not a condition that disappears overnight (MRI reports) Since listening and tapping, I have even began workout exercises to strengthen my muscles even better, I can go upstairs and downstairs without dragging my *bad* knee behind. no more crawling!
I have told Pud (87) about this and promised i will teach him to do the tapping too.
Hey, can you believe, I’m even able to push the snow off my deck and steps with the big snow shovel now!!!! Little by little, my strength is coming back. My life is transforming and i feel it more every day. All due to your wonderful tapping course.
I could give you two hugs and more hugs you cannot imagine what that means to me one of my grandbabies is *only*1 hr away. Now I don’t hurt when I drive there, and I can even pick her up and snuggle with her! cheers" -Gudrun Johanna
These are just three of the hundreds of emails they received from the 2011 Tapping World summit on the pain audio.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Learning to Meditate When You Know It's Impossible For You

I like to meditate and I know it makes for a more contained and awake life, but sitting alone seemed to create more pain than peace. I always did well in group sessions, but home alone was a drag, no fun, no peace. Then somewhere, I heard about a meditation program by Centerpointe. It uses technology that takes your brainwaves to a mediative state, even if you aren't very good at sitting or you've got more monkeys than a sanctuary. That was five years ago and I've been hooked ever since.
It's expensive, so I'm taking the levels really slow. I wait for sales and family members who ask for gift suggestions. I checked it out on line and there seems to be 50/50  "it's great" vs "It's a scam." All I know is that it works for me and if it's a placebo, then who cares, because it still does what I want it to do.
If you are intrested they will send you a free demo and reems of scientific and esoteric data about the benefits of medtation and why Holosync works. If you click on this handy dandy button you can sign right up.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Introductory Class

Me, ADD and the Rest of the World
Making sense of my Brain and Being Free to Be Me

• Do you feel like you can’t live up to your full potential, struggle with the everyday things others find easy?
• Have you always felt ‘different’, not like other people, even after you dealt with the “Coming Out” thing?
• Do you procrastinate starting a project and when you do start loose interest before you finish?
• Are you easily distracted and overwhelmed?
• Do you drive your lover crazy, because you’re always late and don’t notice the little things?
• Have you had lots of jobs and more than one termination?
• Do you have angry outbursts, no matter how many family issues you heal?
• Hormonal changes making it worse?

Many women are coming to realize that they’re not failures at life and relationships because they’re crazy, they are actually living with the gift of Attention Deficit Disorder. It used to be that the diagnosis of ADD/HD could only be given if there was life long evidence of symptoms, but the new guidelines for diagnosis acknowledge that ADD/HD often shows up later in women, particularly in middle age and during menopause.
This class is for any woman who answers yes to the above questions and all women who already have a diagnosis of ADD/HD, but continue to struggle. We will investigate the characteristics of the wonderful ADD brain, share stories and offer support for mutual difficulties.
There will be an introduction to using EFT (tapping) as a tool for living in peace with ADD.
If you don’t like labels, consider reframing this as tribal recognition and affiliation and an opportunity to honor your nature in the company of like-brained women.
This class will herald an on going support group for ADD women starting in the Spring. The price will be $20 – no one will be turned away if you can’t afford the full amount, but please negotiate this with me in advance. If you have any questions and to register contact Boye at 608-290-4443 or

Monday, December 6, 2010

Freedom from Seasonal Over Eating, Family Sh**, Grief and Loneliness

This time of year is meant to be a time of celebration and fun. Christian or not, we are bombarded by Christmas images, Holiday parties and Santa Specials. Many of us love it, but for some of us this time of year is painful and far from jolly.

EFT is a simple tool that can be used to reduce the stress associated with this time of year. By tapping a sequence of acupuncture points you can free yourself from:

• Over indulging in foods you’ve spent the last twelve months avoiding.
• The dread of seeing Uncle Sleaze at Grandma’s or your fundamentalist obnoxious little sister at your parents’ house.
• The resentment that your family won’t recognize your relationship with your partner of 15 years and make you sleep in separate rooms or rage because her family refuse to let you in their house at all.
• The fear of spending your first Christmas or Solstice alone because of the loss of a loved one or a relationship ending.

The list of difficult situations and overwhelming feelings is endless, but most can be made manageable with EFT.

Boye will be holding two special classes for both beginners and anyone experienced with EFT, but in need of a seasonal shot.

Afternoon - Sunday Dec 12th 12 – 1:30
Evening - Monday Dec 13th 6:30 – 8:00

The price is $35:00 per session but no one turned away for lack of funds.
Classes will be held on Maple Grove Drive not far from PD.Registration required.

For more details and any questions please reply to Boye,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great First Week for EFT and Food Group

The full moon blessed the first week of the new group with reflection and insight. I continue to be amazed at the power of EFT and the shifts that are possible if we are willing to give up our right to suffer.

Whether it’s the chemistry of craving that calls to us in the dark or the emotional triggers of our day to day, food and our relationship with food, touches the dust bunnies hiding in the shadows of our hearts. I think EFT is the most wonderful dust buster one could ever hope to use.

I received this in an email from the EFT practitioner Karen Nauman, ( )  it pretty much sums it u the process:


If you always think what you've always thought,
you'll always feel the way you've always felt.
If you always feel the way you've always felt,
you'll always do what you've always done.
If you always do what you've always done,
you'll always get what you've always gotten.
If you always get what you've always gotten,
you'll always think what you've always thought.
~ Unknown

May your demons become your friends and your feelings your deepest strenth.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Amazing Movie You Have to See...

Are you sick and tired of diets, loosing weight, gaining weight?
Powerless over your cravings and food secrets?
Does your body hurt or do you have emotional pain?
What is your pain?
What do you need "fixed" so you can feel happier and healthier?

And if you are feeling fine in all areas (congratulations), who do you know that is suffering in some way?

The following describes a way out of the pain...

It's a new movie that is educational, inspirational and down right entertaining called "The Tapping Solution."
In it various teachers describe how EFT -- the tapping process called Emotional Freedom Techniques -- can be used on, well, everything.

And I mean everything.

Not just food addiction, but all aspects of life from allergies to pain to trauma to just about anything you can name, EFT can help. If you don't believe me, get this DVD and see for yourself. It's very convincing. Almost as convincing as my classes as at National Women's Festival.

It shows people learning EFT and dissolving issues -- some of them deeply painful -- right before your eyes.
And since EFT is so simple to do -- you just tap certain parts of your body while saying certain statements -- and doesn't cost anything, you should at least check it out:

Some of the conditions EFT has helped with include:

Weight Loss / Eating Disorders
Addictions and Obsessions
Fears and Phobias
Pain Management
Allergy Relief / Allergies
Trauma / Abuse
Insomnia / Sleep Problems
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Asthma Relief
Tension Headaches & Migraine Headache
Relationship Problems
Vision Issues
Learning and Study Problems
Self-Esteem Issues
Rage and Anger Management
Performance Anxiety (Public Speaking /
Sports / Theatrical & Musical Performances)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Attention Deficit Disorders - ADD-ADHD
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
High (or Low) Blood Pressure
Diabetes / Neuropathy
Fear of Flying

Pretty impressive list, isn't it?
And that's the point of the movie:  Try EFT on Everything.
After all, what if it actually works?

Some of the teachers you may know in this movie include: Jack Canfield - Co-Creator of "Chicken
Soup for the Soul" Best-selling Series.
Cheryl Richardson - Personal Coaching Pioneer
Dr. Joseph Mercola - Founder Optimal Wellness Center
Carol Look - EFT and Attracting Abundance Expert
Bruce Lipton - Cellular Biologist and Author
Dr. Norman Shealy - Pain Specialist and Holistic Physician

Obviously, this is a DVD you should get for yourself and others. But if you're not convinced yet you should
know that the producers of the film are giving the film away for 50% OFF the regular price for 5 days only. I highly recommend you see the trailer for this film and then pick up a copy for yourself or anyone you know that could benefit from learning this amazing technique.

There are a lot of people out there who are in pain, hurting, suffering, and need a way out. Maybe this is you, maybe this is somebody you know and care about. Again, get the DVD at 50%OFF the regular price at
PS - The producers of the film are very passionate about getting this film out (which is why they're offering it at 50% OFF the regular price). They also offer a 90 day money back guarantee which means that you can order the film, watch it and if you don't feel that it benefited your life you can return it for a refund.

P.P.S: Please forward this email to family and friends, post it on your blog and other groups, and in any way you can share this news with the world. This DVD has the power to change so many lives.